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The Complete Guide to Marketing Automation in 2023

As digitalagencynetwork.com, we proudly present our first-ever eGuide of 2023 on marketing automation based on extensive research with the industry’s leading digital agencies.

Marketing automation is now highly prevalent in our day-to-day lives, even though the idea of automatization first took off in the early 80s. Since then, the investments made in the marketing automation industry have risen, and today 75% of businesses are using some form of marketing automation tools to automate parts of their workflows. And we believe this massive growth in the industry will continue to be on the front burner in the near future. 

To provide a comprehensive overview of the marketing automation industry and its wide range of use cases, we put together The Complete Guide to Marketing Automation in 2023. 

Our eGuide aims to shed light on the following topics and help agencies to dive deeper into the marketing automation industry

  • What is marketing automation?
  • How can your agency benefit from marketing automation?
  • What aspects of marketing can you automate?
  • What does marketing automation mean to marketing agencies?
  • How much time do agencies spend on their routine tasks?
  • How to choose the right marketing automation tools?
  • What is the future of marketing automation?

We asked eight key questions to our member agencies, who are leading experts in their fields. Their insights will be infinitely valuable to any industry professional to think through and design their own process to implement marketing automation to level up their business.


The eGuide has two sections:

  • In the first section, we gathered extensive information about marketing automation and data on how participants prefer to use marketing automation tools. 
  • The second section is where each of our participants shares their experience with marketing automation tools and their predictions for the future of marketing automation.

Hope you will enjoy reading our eGuide and find it useful to fine-tune your processes to put your best work out there. Get your free copy now!

Looking forward to collaborating with you in our future community projects!

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